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Come see Michael as Dennis/Perkins in
The Play That Goes Wrong!

Playing at the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago:

Almost Positive Album Cover

Also, check out Michael's music on spotify:

Guest Star - Chicago MED

Click the video to see a preview of Michael on the Season 5 finale of Chicago Med as the gunman, Dylan!


Michael is an actor, singer, and musician based in the city of Chicago.

An alumni from Columbia College Chicago, Michael is a multifaceted performer who thrives mainly on collaboration and ensemble work throughout the city's vast surplus of storefront theater.


He is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who can bring subtlety to dramatic roles and a fiery optimistic energy to comedies.

Alongside numerous film and television roles such as Josh in Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino, Michael has worked in theaters across the United States during his nation wide tour of Once the Musical and The Play The Goes Wrong

Follow Michael on instagram at:

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